We Provide Enhanced security with the power of technology

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We Offer Quick & Powerful Security Service Solution

The Organisation has a comprehensive range of security and related services, which include Security Services, Sales Services, Bouncer Services, House Keeping, Skilled Professionals, Recuritments, Installation, Maintenance, Monitoring and Response Services.

Residential properties need security that’s friendly and approachable, yet observant and proactive. Keep your renters, property owners, and their belongings safe with our concierge security guards.

Your security needs may not be consistent, but your service should be. Whether you need a guard for 2 days or 2 months, our security services are flexible enough to meet your changing needs and can start up or wind down without hassle.

We also provide security services across multiple cities in India.

Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala, Guwahati.

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Safety In All Aspects

K.S.S. provides a comprehensive range of security and related services.

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We are accountable & responsible. Karnataka Security Service ensures 100% compliance to the laws & regulations of the country.

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Manned Guarding, Slaes Services, Bouncers, Fire Fighting, House keepers & Skilled Professionals .

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Security Services

We provide highly specialized and active security service for your safety .

House Keeping

Trained professionals with multi-tasking skills.

Professional Labour Services

we provide labours with quality and specilized skills.


We provide bouncers with highly trained with well-maintained outfit.

Monitoring and Response Services

We have a digital monitoring system which makes us the best in the market.

Training, Recuritments & Installation

We provide all sorts of quality training related the field by our highly skilled SME's.

Our Professional Experts

Highly Skilled Professionals with related Field Experience.

Security Services
House Keepings
Skilled Professional
Sales Representatives
Karnataka secuirty service

Our Core team

Highly Skilled Professionals with related Field Experience.

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Akram Hussain
MD KSS BLR MBA with 8 yrs of Experience
bangalore security service
Touhida Yasmin
AMD KSS BLR BBA with 3yrs of Experience

Why Karnataka Security Services

Security guards play a pivotal role in our daily lives. Having a private security guards provides a safety for business owners, residential communities, schools and common areas for the public.

 Karnataka Security Services

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Security guard safeguards from unseen threats & risks. Hiring a security guard gives you a sense of security for businesses, business owners, customers, employees and normal public.

Patrol duties around buildings and grounds.
Check the building entry and exit gates & doors.
Check for water, fire safety, and other factors.
Check and maintain visitor management.
Safety precautions in cabs, elevators, parking lots & fringe areas.

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Human Safety

Public safety is mostly dependent on physical security guards, these areas mostly include places like airports, hospitals, hotels & leisure industry, events, apartments, schools, college campuses, and gated communities.

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Security For Women

At the workplace and during transit to the workplace, security for women is necessary. During crisis and emergencies women & girl suffer more critically.

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Apartment Security

Each residential apartment owner has the responsibility to keep its residents safe and secure. Every apartment should have a security system that safeguards the entry and exit gates, alarms and burglars, visitor management.

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Security for Schools

Security at schools is of high importance to ensure the safety of school kids. A security guard at school help in protecting kids from chaos, hazards, emergencies, criminal activity.

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